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Your permission slip to explore your career

Wondering what the right career path is for you?

It’s more common than you think – that feeling of uncertainty and confusion when making career decisions. Whether you are at high school having to decide what you’ll study next or graduating University having to leap into the workforce for the first time, it’s a dauting choice. To make matters even worse, there isn’t much help and support available in these pivotal moments of our lives.

This realisation has driven me to create services that support students to explore who they are as humans first and foremost, align their career choices with what feels good and pick truly exciting and rewarding careers. Want to know more?

What Is Career Coaching?

The understanding of who you truly are as a 'whole person'

Let’s explore who you truly are as a person and what are the things that make you feel excited. 

The exploration of the right career path for you

We’ll help you explore the possibilities that feel aligned with your passions and interests. The evolution of your options happens through the process of experimentation – let us support you with that.

Preparing for the search, application and interview process

We’ll work on a personalised career roadmap for you and assist you with each step on the journey (including resume, LinkedIn and interview preparation).

Equipping you with the practical skills to succeed

We’ll shape your professional narrative and help you present it through interview practice, mindset work and confidence building

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Choosing a Career Path is one of the most important decisions of your life. There is a lot of pressure of getting it right yet crafting an aligned career narrative isn’t easy. Let me assist you in this process.

You are unsure what career, course or subjects to choose

Whether it is the first time you had to think about choosing a career or you have already picked one but it just doesn’t seem right, I hear you. It can be quite overwhleming determining what direction your life should take. I’d be happy to support you on this journey.

You need direction and help with your confidence

You might have thought about a few career options but unsure how to pursue them. Or/and you struggle with your confidence and could use some support building it up.

You need someone to help you with your resume and interview prep

Writing a resume and LinkedIn profile can be very overwhleming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Being able to get some tips and support can go a long way for being noticed.

Preparing for an interview is the next big step, which is where interview practice and mock up interviews will empower you to step out into the professional world with confidence.


You are a business needing support with career services

If you are struggling to make a dent at your organisation with career specific programs, events or workshops and you’d like a fresh perspective, please get in touch. 

Support with career conversations, coaching and mentoring is also available. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How It Works


I offer a free 20 minute discovery call where you can ask me any questions and decide whether working with me is right for you.



My approach is all about the current challenges you are facing and as such I’m able to tailor custom packages in line with your priorities. 


Doing the work is part of the success factor when coaching with me. I’ll be guiding and supporting you but serious committment to reaching your goals is required on your part.

Individual Breakthrough Session

This is best suited to those students and individuals who prefer to work with me one-on-one. The listed price is for a 1 hr session 1:1 however packages are also available.


More Details

Break through session, one to one session, having a robust conversation with me regards to your career development plan. Exploring what is working for you and what is not working for you and what is next for you. 

Multiple sessions available as a package:
You will also have a choice of getting 6 sessions over a period of 6 weeks or 3 months, which means we’ll meet once a week or once every fortnight. A discount applies for the 6 session coaching package – please contact me for more information. 

Group Coaching

A minimum of 4 people in a group required. This is a good option for a group of students or friends who are budget conscious. The listed pricing is per session per person.


More Details

Group online coaching around topics such as:
+ Next step of your life
+ Next step in your career
+ Develop my professional story
+ Prepare an effective application

A minimum of 5 people in a group required. This is a good option for a group of students and friends who are budget conscious.

Please get in touch to find out when the next group coaching kicks off (if you are an individual looking to join an existing group).

Career Coaching Services for Businesses and Institutions

Customised career services for businesses, schools, Universities and Institutions. Includes workshops, coaching, programs and research.


More Details

As someone who has worked across the tertiary sector for over 10 years, I am experienced in the development and facilitation of career workshops, events and programs. Furthermore I’ve conducted thousands of career conversations with students, academics and industry professionals and available to assist you with your career strategy or program.

Please connect for a customised career service and enquire about my pricing and availability. 

Professional Bio

Tina Li is an experienced career coach who has worked across the higher education sector, namely at ACU, Macquarie University and University of Sydney, for the past 10 years specialising in career coaching, training and development, career advisory and counselling. Her passion for innovation in the field of careers has led her to launch Tina Li Co – a unique career coaching service for students, individuals and education providers.

Tina not only brings her extensive knowledge of the tertiary sector but also her expertise in designing, implementing and facilitating employability related programs and workshops. She is entrepreneurial, human centred and innovative and has helped thousands of students and individuals on their career path. 

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